Sorry its been so long…


But it was well worth it! We have been SO BUSY! I haven’t even been able to upload all the new pictures, but with the launching of our Christmas Blow Out ad on I had to find time to update this blog! SOOOO without further ado…the newest pics of our most recent work. Special thanks to all the fabulous homeowners who happily gave permission for their beautiful homes to be posted on here!


BEFORE- here we had already installed new insulation, sheetrock, texture matched and primed. Then someone said GET THE CAMERA! He got a raise...

AFTER- You can't even tell we did anything right? Good!

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New Floors Anyone???

Don’t mind if I do…

Here you see them removing the carpet...then we will prep the surface and put down the under'ments before laying down the laminate.


The finished product. Floating laminate wood floors in "Java". We also painted everything including the beams. Talk about a HUGE difference!

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Here we removed an existing dog door then replaced it with flagstone to match the exterior of the home.


In this picture we have replaced baseboards that were damaged by water leaking into the area.


Here we see a room that leads to the backyard that had SEVERE water damage, resulting in the entire room having to be refinished. We can also see the back side of the doggy door.

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Updating a 50+ yr old Bungalow-





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Some Painting Pictures…

We also refinished the wood floors in these 2 pictures.

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A Theatre Room




Ready for the BIG SCREEN!

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